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  1. Aug 01,  · For many people, the word fuck is extremely vulgar, considered improper and taboo in all of its senses.
  2. Oct 08,  · The Fuck will find rules located in the rules module. Experimental instant mode. The default behavior of The Fuck requires time to re-run previous commands. When in instant mode, The Fuck saves time by logging output with script, then reading the log.
  3. fuck (v.) "to have sexual intercourse with" (transitive), until recently a difficult word to trace in usage, in part because it was omitted as taboo by the editors of the original OED when the "F" entries were compiled (). Johnson also had excluded the word, and fuckwasn't in a single English language dictionary from to
  4. Jul 13,  · ‘Fuck’ is an old word, even if it’s been an almost taboo term for most of its existence. It was around; it just wasn’t used in common speech all that much, let alone written down and saved for.
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  8. Nov 10,  · Directed by Steve Anderson. With Drew Carey, Billy Connolly, Bill Maher, Reinhold Aman. A documentary on the expletive's origin, why it offends some .

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